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Revolutionizing group chatting for college students with a secure, organized, and efficient platform

Simplicity, reliability, and privacy in every message

Backed by execs

Whatever happens in Lowkey, stays in Lowkey

Your privacy matters! End-to-end encryption ensures only group members can read messages, and screenshots trigger notifications.

End-to-end Encryption

Messages are secure and cannot be seen by Lowkey or any third parties

Screenshot notifications

Everyone can see exactly what gets screenshotted

Auto messages deletion

Set the length of time until messages auto-delete

Pin it, don't miss it

Pin phone numbers, addresses, or any other necessary info to highlight what is truly important in the chat.


Stay informed with announcements automatically pinned on your group page.


Pinned events on the group page offer instant visibility for informed attendance choices.


Polls are auto-pinned on the group page, eliminating the search for easy voting.


Manage and organize group media effortlessly on the group page.

Planing events made easy

Simplify your event planning process, elevate your event planning with the convenience and collaborative power of Lowkey chat.


Set a time for the event

Let's lock in a date! When works best for everyone?

Provide event‘s location

Where's the party? Tell your friends where to meet up!

RSVP to know who’s in

Don't miss out on the fun! RSVP and join the party.

Speak freely, your safe space for fun and friends


Build-in app communications

Drive higher engagement, more transactions, and better business outcomes with the most feature-rich and flexible chat platform embedded in your app.
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